The Faculty of Education


Our Commitment

The University of Cambridge Faculty of Education is committed to the highest standards of research and teaching and is a significant contributor to the improvement of educational policy and practice in partnership with schools, colleges and other educational agencies both in the UK and internationally.

Our Community

The Faculty is one of the largest groups of educational researchers and teacher educators in the UK. This reflects a strategic commitment by the University of Cambridge to contribute to excellence in all phases of public education, both nationally and internationally.

Currently, on our one campus, there is an academic staff of 11 professors, 4 emeritus professors, 7 readers and some 40 lecturers/senior lecturers, along with many associated academics and over 50 support staff. There is a student population of approximately 150 Doctoral Students, 380 Masters Students, 420 PGCE Teacher Trainees and 120 Undergraduates. A vibrant Professional Development programme is offered to educators in the region.

Research, Academic Groups and Research Centres

The Faculty of Education has a commitment to conducting research of high quality and practical value. Our research is underpinned by a strong set of values which give it purpose and direction. Particular effort is directed towards the improvement of education with a central focus on teaching and learning, informed by principles of inclusivity and social justice, and valuing the contribution of user groups, especially practitioners, in collaborative research partnerships. For additional information, visit also our academic groups and Centres for Research and Teaching. The Faculty has excellent facilities to support teaching and research, including a library and information service offering one of the best education collections in the UK.

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